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It’s Not Easy, But It’s Worth It

A lot of people give up on fitness because they are looking for super fast results, and they are also looking for an easy way to obtain those results.  Sure, there are "easy" ways to get fast results, but they aren't going to last, and they aren't healthy either.  You'll likely end up creating more harm than good when and if you decide to try those "quick fix" options.  When you decide to change your health, you need to realize that in deciding to do so, you are deciding to change your lifestyle.  This doesn't mean that you are giving up things that you enjoy forever and ever (unless, of course, those things are causing serious damage to your health), ... Read the Rest »

Beachbody ON DEMAND is here! Streaming anywhere!

For the longest time people have been asking me, "Hey, can I get P90X for streaming on my tablet?"  Or, really, any of the programs.  The digital age is here, and people don't like to carry DVDs all over the place with them.  Heck, some people don't even own DVD ... Read the Rest »

21 Day Fix EXTREME is Here and ON SALE!

Last February, the way we thought about home fitness changed with the release of 21 Day Fix... a program that not only included great 1/2 hour total body workouts, but a nutrition program using color coded containers to really help users control portion sizes and proper macros in their diets.  ... Read the Rest »

The Promise You Make Yourself…

When you purchase a home fitness program, you are making the promise to yourself that you are going to do it, right?  At least, I hope so.  When your program arrives, I want you to promise yourself that you won't put it onto a shelf somewhere to collect dust, with ... Read the Rest »

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