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Fat. Thin. Muscular. STOP BODY SHAMING!

Body shaming has become somewhat of a norm in our daily culture, which is saddening to think about. We are in a vicious cycle of attacking each other on how we look. Those who have extra pounds get shamed for being confident and wearing what they want. Likewise, however, people get shamed to being too "skinny." Or, you'll see posts of "Ew, she's too muscular, gross!" Of course, this goes for guys as well. It seems like we are constantly trying to find out what's wrong with one another and then point it out so that we can feel better about ourselves. We need to stop pointing fingers.   I was inspired to write this post after reading this article ... Read the Rest »

What To Do During The Woes Of Injury

Picture this... you are on a roll.  You've been rocking out on those workouts and hitting them hard.  You are losing weight, getting stronger, and feeling pretty darn invincible.  Then, the unthinkable happens... you injure yourself.  Most of the time I find that injuries happen outside of our workouts and ... Read the Rest »

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