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21 Day Fix is ON SALE in September!

One of the hottest new programs of 2014 out there is on sale for the month of September, 21 Day Fix!  What is 21 Day Fix? 21 Day Fix was created by trainer and fitness model, Autumn Calabrese.  She wanted to design a program that would make it easy for people of all levels to learn to control their eating habits and fit exercise into their daily routine.  The program comes with 1/2 hour workouts... yup, just 1/2 hour!  Everyone has time for that!  It also comes with color coded food containers that help take the guess work out of your nutrition.  Each color represents a different food group, and you are told how many of each to have each ... Read the Rest »

Fat. Thin. Muscular. STOP BODY SHAMING!

Body shaming has become somewhat of a norm in our daily culture, which is saddening to think about. We are in a vicious cycle of attacking each other on how we look. Those who have extra pounds get shamed for being confident and wearing what they want. Likewise, however, people ... Read the Rest »

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