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How Bad Do You Want It?

A lot of people start to get close to what they want, but they don't have it yet; so they assume they'll never get it... and they give up. How close do you think you were when you decided to give up? What could've happened if you kept pressing on? Would it have been worth it if it took another year to accomplish? Another two years? What is it worth to you?   I see SO many people get started on their fitness journeys, but they want super quick fast results. If things don't happen right away, they quit. If they hit a plateau, they quit. Life is about reinvention. We can't keep doing the same thing forever and expect ... Read the Rest »

Why I Ignore My Scale

I'm going to let you in on a little secret... my scale is under my sink collecting dust.  I haven't weighed myself in months.  Some of you may wonder why this is the case.  Now, I don't do this because I think the scale is the devil or because I'm ... Read the Rest »

Join my CIZE IT UP Dance Challenge!

Do you LOVE to dance? Or, maybe you are like me and you suck at it, but you want to get better ;-) I'm heading up a challenge group featuring the newest awesome dance program to come out from Shaun T... CIZE! Oh, and did I mention there will be ... Read the Rest »

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