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How Having an Autoimmune Disease Changed My Beliefs

I am the type of person who wants to have a solution for everything in life. If there's a problem, you can bet your bucket that I will try my hardest to solve it! So, you can understand that it gets really frustrating for someone like me when they are presented with some things for which there really aren't solid answers yet... only some trial and error and conflicting viewpoints. Coming to terms with having an autoimmune disease hasn't been an easy journey, and it isn't even over yet. I fully admit that I used to be one of those people who thought that a lot of things people came up with in regards to how they feel, think, etc. ... Read the Rest »

What To Do During The Woes Of Injury

Picture this... you are on a roll.  You've been rocking out on those workouts and hitting them hard.  You are losing weight, getting stronger, and feeling pretty darn invincible.  Then, the unthinkable happens... you injure yourself.  Most of the time I find that injuries happen outside of our workouts and ... Read the Rest »

Turkey Chili With A Kick!

I'm not usually one for sharing "my" recipes, mainly because I'm an experimental cooker. I rarely follow recipes, and when I add spices it's usually just varying amounts of various spices... I never measure! However, I've found a combo for making chili that makes my heart sing. I love chili ... Read the Rest »

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