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Amazing End of October DISCOUNTS on P90 & Les Mills!

If you are looking for something to get you through the Holidays, now is a great time to grab some awesome deals on some awesome programs!  The new P90, Les Mills Pump and Les Mills Combat are all on sale for the rest of October.  Don’t miss out on these!


P90 is the newest Team Beachbody program by Tony Horton.  Well, actually, it’s a NEW version of P90.  For those of you who’ve been around as long as me, you may have a copy of the original version on VHS somewhere, hah.  This new version takes you through three phases with more dynamic moves designed to better progress you to better overall health and fitness.  The program is designed for beginners… it’s the “ON” switch to fitness.  P90 is what got me started in fitness to begin with.  Who knows where I’d be today if I’d never made the decision to get started?

P90 Challenge Pack sale ($70 off retail) ->


Les Mills PUMP

Les Mills PUMP is a combined effort between Les Mills International and Team Beachbody.  This program is super fun, and introduces you to using a barbell for weighted exercises using “The Rep Effect.”  This means that you do a lot of reps using a lighter weight on the barbell.  This program is perfect if you want to sculpt long, lean muscles, all while enjoying some really great music.  I decided to certify to teach this after doing the home program because I loved it so much.

Les Mills PUMP Challenge Pack sale ($70 off retail)->

Base Kit (40% off) ->


Les Mills COMBAT

Find your inner warrior with Les Mills COMBAT.  This program combines various martial arts forms and put them to awesome music, all designed to give you an amazing workout while kicking some butt!

Les Mills COMBAT Challenge Pack sale ($45 off retail) ->

Base Kit (40% off + free Combat gloves) ->

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