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It’s Not Easy, But It’s Worth It

A lot of people give up on fitness because they are looking for super fast results, and they are also looking for an easy way to obtain those results.  Sure, there are “easy” ways to get fast results, but they aren’t going to last, and they aren’t healthy either.  You’ll likely end up creating more harm than good when and if you decide to try those “quick fix” options.  When you decide to change your health, you need to realize that in deciding to do so, you are deciding to change your lifestyle.  This doesn’t mean that you are giving up things that you enjoy forever and ever (unless, of course, those things are causing serious damage to your health), but it means that you are learning to control the frequency at which certain indulgences are enjoyed.

Likewise, you aren’t committing to only 30-90 days of fitness and then expecting to stop and have those results last a lifetime.  I hate to break it for you, but if you choose to get fit, you are choosing it for life so that you can maintain your body.  Just as you can’t drive your car forever without giving it fuel and regular maintenance, the same goes for your body.  You need to choose to love your body and care for your body the way we need to in order to have our bodies last for us.

So, what is it worth to you?  What does getting healthy mean?  Find a deeper reason than a number on a scale or a clothing size.  Are you avoiding a family trait for chronic disease?  Are you working to reverse diabetes?  Are you working to prevent your body from breaking down?  Do you want to be a good role model for your kids?  Do you want more energy?  To sleep better?  To not be in pain all the time?

For me, it’s super important.  You see, with an autoimmune disease, my body is constantly trying to attack itself.  If I don’t care for my body through fitness and nutrition, then I’m in a lot of pain.  My main “why” in staying healthy is that I want to live a long and healthy life without pain, and with enough energy to do the things I want to do.  So, what’s your “why”?

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