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Shaun T’s T25 & Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer on SALE!

Until the end of August there are two great programs on sale as challenge packs that I have to offer you.  Below is the link that will get you the sale price, plus my own reviews on these programs.  If you have any questions about either of them in regards to figuring out if one or the other would be good for you, hit me up!  I’m happy to help with your questions

Also, if you do choose one of these packages and want the support of an online community, please email me and request to join HEALTHY OR BUST.  You’ll get the support of others working out from home, myself, and the chance to win some prizes just for checking in 🙂


* T25 with Shaun T (from Insanity) – GET THE CHALLENGE PACK ON SALE HERE (save $95 off retail)

This program features 25 minute workouts designed to work on strength, cardio and some flexibility as well.  The length of time is great… 25 minutes.  However, don’t think you’re getting off easy, because these workouts are tough!  That being said, there is a modifier in each video that you can follow as you build up your own strength and endurance.  I have had some friends lose anywhere from 10 to 65 pounds using this program.  You can do it as a beginner if you follow the modifier and realize that it’s ok if your pace is slower than theirs.  If you are a seasoned exerciser, though, you will still get your butt kicked!  Whether you want to follow the program to a “t” or have something to supplement your workouts on days when time is short, these could be for you!  FYI, these are my boyfriend’s favorite to do, and he hates working out, hah!


* 10 Minute Trainer with Tony Horton (or P90X) – GET THE CHALLENGE PACK ON SALE HERE (save $70 off retail)

This programs features 10 minute workouts that you can do alone or stack to create blocks of workouts from 20-4o minutes in length.  This program is designed more for beginners, but still contains some challenging stuff (particularly in the core video, ouch!).  This is great for people who don’t have a lot of time but really want to start getting into a routine of exercise and movement.  One of my friends has done this for well over a year before going to work… and even with only 10 minutes per day (minimum) she’s was able to win her work’s push-up competition! 😉


If you are curious about Shakeology you can see more info about that here -> DRINKYOURVEGGIES.ORG (I drink this daily and it helps me greatly with my energy levels!)

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