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The Promise You Make Yourself…

When you purchase a home fitness program, you are making the promise to yourself that you are going to do it, right?  At least, I hope so.  When your program arrives, I want you to promise yourself that you won’t put it onto a shelf somewhere to collect dust, with the ever looming, “I’ll start tomorrow,” lingering in your mind every day.  When you open the box, I want you to promise yourself that you are going to read through all of the materials before you get started.  This means to read the beginning of the nutrition guide, see your calorie range, and then use that guide to plan your meals for the next week.  I want you to promise to give up foods that will hinder your results the majority of the time.  I want you to promise to open up that workout calendar and become aware of which workouts you are going to do and on which day, and then I want you to promise yourself that you will do them… no matter how hard they may seem at first.


You don’t need to be “perfect.” You don’t need to be able to do every single move in your workout. You don’t have to plow through without breaks. You are ALLOWED to fail during your workout. In fact… I WANT YOU TOO!


If your workout is so easy that you can just breeze through it and nothing about it is challenging… then, guess what, it’s not going to create the change you desire. Sure, it may burn a small amount of calories… but it isn’t going to improve your strength or your endurance. It isn’t going to initiate change.

So, here’s the deal… I WANT YOU TO FAIL during your workouts. PRESS PAUSE. MODIFY. Do what you need to do… but just DO (IT)! Deal????

Promise me that you are following your workout calendar, even if it ain’t pretty. Promise!

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